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  • Christmas: It's not just for kids

    By Ben Owens | December 11, 2019

    Some people regard Christmas as childish. You know the kind of person I mean. The jaded cynic who views the whole deal as nothing more than a colorful, brightly-lit distraction from the regular hardships of life. The truth is, ... [click here to continue reading.]

  • understanding jesus: the key to real life-change

    By Ben Owens | July 20, 2019

    Recently, I argued that before you form an opinion on the Bible, you should read it. This ought to be self-evident. [click here to continue reading.]

  • ON the IMportance of forming your own opinions

    By Ben Owens | June 21, 2019

    For two thousand years, no generation has been without its share of zealous ideologues ready to hijack the name of Jesus for their own ends... [click here to continue reading.]